Holy Zucchini


Happy Weekend, friends! I hope yours is going famously so far πŸ™‚

Yesterday morning my day started bright n early with a trip to the gym! Nothing like getting your workout over with before 10 a.m.!Β On the way to the gym I enjoyed my favorite cereal evvvver, special K chocolatey delight! (With strawberries! dreams do come true.) Im a huge snacker, and the car is my favorite place to snack.


My workout yesterday included:

  • 1.5 mile sprints on the treadmill, alternating speeds
  • 10 mins on the rowing machine
  • 25 mins stairmaster

After the gym I decided to swing by the Farmers Market, down the street from my house. I absolutely adore farmers market, and getting fresh produce. I love knowing where my food came from, and everything here is super cheap! I browsed a bunch of vegetable vendors as well as an ammmmaaaazzzzing salsa vendor. This man makes and jars all of his salsa himself. Pretty impressive, and super tasty! I ended up getting some tomatoes, GIANT zucchini, nectarines, homemade tomato sauce, and homemade salsa.



When I got home I decided to cook up some of my veggies and throw them on some whole grain pasta! The mix included broccoli, tomatoes, grilled chicken, and zucchini, sprinkled withΒ goat cheese and the homemade marinara sauce. Deeelish!

Have a great Sunday πŸ™‚


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